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Mold Inspection And Testing Service in Floral Park

Mold and mildew can quietly grow over time in damp areas of your house. Basements, attics, or rooftops are common sites for mold growth. However, it is important that as soon as you identify the first traces of black mold, you should take immediate action by consulting an expert. At UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park we provide continuous support to our clients, making their lives easier and more hassle-free. We offer multiple services related to mold, including mold inspection, testing, and remediation. Our focus is to determine the existence of indoor mold growth and its intensity.

Along with mold remediation, we also provide post-removal support to clients and guide them comprehensively about property restoration. Our wide range of services shall allow you to enjoy multiple benefits at a cost-effective rate.

Testing for Mold

Mold testing is one of our key services whereby we collect samples of mold and send them for testing. Based on the test results from an independent testing laboratory, our certified mold inspectors in Floral Park, NY will help you determine the best course forward, including mold mitigation.

Air Sampling

Mold badly affects air quality and could soon lead to problems like allergies and skin irritation. Our mold inspection company in Floral Park, NY provide high-end air sampling services and collect samples from inside your home and outside to draw a comparison of the air quality. In particular, comparing the types and concentration of specific molds found outdoors in the control sample, and indoors, our mold inspectors can tell a lot about indoor mold growth. This also helps us predict how much mold we can expect in a specific area.

Mold Damage Assessment

Our expert technicians use infrared imaging and advanced technology to detect sources of moisture that could be leading to mold growth. Once moisture and leaks have been detected then a detailed mold damage assessment is made to decide the restoration costs and strategy. We carefully analyze each area of the house to ensure that all parts are covered. We don't want there to be any further issues at the end of the mold remediation process.

At UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park we provide an amalgamation of expertise and quality which make our services unique. If you are concerned that there may be mold growing in your home or business, you can take away the uncertainty by calling us. We will be more than happy to set your fears to rest, if there is no mold issue, or to help you find the best way to take care of the mold while making sure it won't return.

Plans for Restoration

Our responsibility doesn't end once the mold test results are returned. We deliver a complete package therefore we provide a plan to take care of the mold cleanup and restore your house perfectly. The mold remediation protocol details how to bring the property back into pre-mold condition and give your house a fresh and brighter feel. Our team is made up of mold testing specialists who are also able to carry out the mold remediation for you. Just ask! During the entire process, we take extra measures that there is no on-site damage, and the experience of the housemates remains smooth.

Preventing Future Mold Growth

One of the most important parts of the mold remediation protocol is identifying the source of the moisture that allowed mold to grow in the first place. Once the area is cleared out, it is important to seal surfaces so that the mold does not regrow. In this case, special products are applied to restrain mold growth. Plasterboard and plywood are more conducive to mold growth therefore houses or offices, where more of such material is used, should be regularly monitored and inspected.


Mold Inspection & Testing FAQs

What Is Included in the Professional Mold Testing Process?

Mold testing entails collecting mold samples. Our experts then send the samples for mold for testing in an independent laboratory. Once the results are tabulated, our experienced mold inspectors in Floral Park will recommend ideal solutions to mitigate mold.

Why Is It Important to Get a Mold Inspection before Buying a New Home?

You can protect your health and investment by hiring professionals for mold inspection before buying a new home. It can also help to identify condensation before it becomes moldy. Moreover, mold inspection provides homebuyers with extra information that they wouldn't get from the normal home inspection. Finally, if the new home has a mold presence, you get the upper hand in negotiations.

Who Can Perform Mold Inspection for Your Property in Floral Park, NY?

UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park has a team of experienced and well-trained mold inspectors. We commit to making your lives easier with our professional mold inspection services. We focus on determining the existence of indoor mold growth, where it's growing, and its intensity. Our mold inspectors provide cost-effective rates to enable you to understand the extent of mold damage and make an informed decision. Rest assured, you will be satisfied with our mold inspection services.

Customer Support

Whether you want to use our service or you have already chosen us as your provider, we are there to support and guide you all the time. Together with our local partner, O2 Mold Testing, we are ready to provide timely and professional mold testing services for your property.

Clients can call us and talk to mold testing experts. They can give them a detailed brief and describe the situation so our experts can guide them better and come up with a viable solution. Different mold remediation plans are also advised to customers after the problem has been identified. Rest assured you will be completely satisfied and at ease after getting in touch with us.

We aim to make your life easier! Certified mold testing companies could help you understand the extent of the damage which consequently enables you to make a better decision. So don't hesitate or wait and contact us today at 516-519-3452.

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