How to Prevent Mold Growth

Have you suddenly noticed something unusual on your wall and are concerned that you may be dealing with a mold problem? A mold issue can be a nightmare for homeowners because of the health issues and property damage it can cause. Unfortunately, mold spores are everywhere in our environment and indoor mold is inevitable with the right conditions. In this article, mold remediation specialists from UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park will help you to know more about mold and how to prevent mold growth in your home.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows on anything that can give it enough food. It then multiplies and produces cells known as spores. Mold spores are microscopic and can be found everywhere, except in very hot and cold environments. When mold spores spread on surfaces, they reproduce and become visible to the human eye.

Generally, mold requires five elements for its mold spores to grow, including moisture, light, food source (nutrients), pH, and optimal temperature. The primary cause of mold growth is moisture. Without moisture, mold cannot thrive. In homes, places with high humidity and wetness are notorious for promoting active mold growth. This includes attics, basements, and bathrooms.

Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold can cause allergies, infections, asthma, and other health problems. Basically, you will know that you are dealing with mold issues when your allergies and asthma flare up. This is especially true for people sensitive to mold spores, who may have symptoms like a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, wheezing, and skin rash.

Also, common symptoms for both allergic and non-allergic individuals include skin rash, sore throat, irritation of the eyes, and lung issues. Those with severe allergies can experience shortness of breath during mold exposure, while those with asthma can have asthma attacks. The allergic reactions can be immediate or not.

Research on the effects of mold on human health is still ongoing. Other than our health, mold can also affect the structure of a building if left unattended for a long time. For instance, it can feed on wet wood and floors, putting the lives of the occupants at risk.

How Mold Gets Into Your Home

You might wonder what mold is doing in your home in the first place. Besides temperature, nutrients, light, and pH, mold needs a damp and moist environment to grow and thrive. With this in mind, there are several causes of mold growth in homes.

Presence of Mold Spores

Mold spores are nearly everywhere, and it isn't easy to prevent them. These spores measure about 0.0002 inches and are invisible to the naked eye. Usually, they enter your house through air movement and through contaminated materials, like your clothes or your pet's fur. Mold spores grow and spread quickly in optimum conditions and can become a significant problem if not dealt with in good time.

Water Damage

If you have water damage or flooding in your home, chances are mold will likely grow if immediate action is not taken. In most cases, water damage can cause mold spores to grow and spread on different materials in your home. Another sign of mold infestation is water damage on your doors and windows outside your home. When moist air changes to water on doors and windows during winter, it can cause mold growth.


Another way mold can get into your home is through roof or pipe leaks. While these issues may seem minor, they can promote mold growth if unnoticed and left unattended for an extended time.

Moisture in Your HVAC System

An HVAC system is helpful in moving air in your home. Unfortunately, these systems are sources of moisture that can promote mold growth. Besides, the ductwork in these systems is usually dark and warm and offers the perfect environment for mold to thrive.

Poor Ventilation

Poor air circulation in your home could allow mold to have the right conditions for growth. This is especially true if there is poor ventilation in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, basements, and attics.


How Can I Prevent Mold Growth?

Knowing how to prevent mold growth can help you keep your family safe and save you from costly and unsightly damages. Here are effective ways to prevent mold growth.

Regulate the Indoor Climate

A home with high humidity levels provides a conducive environment for mold to grow. Mold loves humid air and moisture; hence, you need to keep your home dry and frequently inspect areas that may collect moisture, such as the refrigerator, windows, sinks, and more. Quickly dry any water and ensure that you repair any leaky parts. It helps to set the thermostat at 78°F to regulate the indoor moisture.

Monitor Humidity Levels

It pays to regularly monitor the humidity levels to ensure the proper air moisture levels in your home. Also, install a hygrometer to measure the moisture levels and maintain low humidity levels or between 30-50% RH. Ideally, your house will be prone to mold growth if the humidity levels are above 60 percent.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Basic tasks such as bathing, cooking, and washing can increase the amount of moisture in a home. Since these tasks are inevitable, you need to ensure proper ventilation to vent out excess moisture and hinder mold growth. Aside from keeping your windows open, you can use the HVAC system and fans to ensure proper air circulation in your home. Using exhaust fans that vent outside your property can also be beneficial in dealing with mold problems. Exhaust fans and vents ensure that the air is being vented outside, and are helpful when cooking, bathing, or doing laundry.

Keep Your Home Free From Damp Clothes

Unknown to most homeowners, damp clothes can lead to mold problems. It can take a short time for mold to grow on wet clothes, leading to mold growth on walls, floors, and other surfaces. To prevent this issue, ensure that you remove damp clothes from the house and hang them outside to dry. Also, don't leave clothes in the washing machine for a long time after the washing cycle is complete. If you must hang your clothes inside, ensure that the room is well ventilated to prevent moisture from settling in.

Quickly Wipe Wet Spills

It is easy to ignore wet spills, but this can significantly contribute to mold growth in your home. Mold can develop on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, you should clean spills and floods on floors, carpets, clothing, furniture, and bedding as soon as they occur.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier comes in handy to remove excess moisture from the air. It is a practical way of controlling the humidity levels in your home, particularly for damp areas like crawl spaces and basements. A whole-house system is worth considering if you live in a highly humid place.


What Should I Do if I Find Mold?

If you have a mold problem in your home, you need to act with immediate action to prevent further damage. Mold in your home indicates a water or moisture problem. Therefore, it is essential to determine the source of this moisture as soon as possible, and remove the existing mold growth to help stop the spread of mold spores in your home and make sure it won't come back. This is where mold remediation specialists come in handy.

Well-equipped and experienced professionals can deal with mold problems and get rid of them once and for all. They have the right tools to diagnose the extent of the problem and recommend ways to tackle the issue at hand. Unlike doing a DIY job, it is highly advisable to hire a professional, especially if the affected area is more than 10 square feet. You can rest easy by getting a mold removal professional, knowing that you won't have to deal with the mold issue again.

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