Bathroom Flooding: How to Act

Bathroom flooding is a common problem that can happen to anyone in Floral Park, NY. Sometimes, your kids might forget to turn off the water. In busy families, adults can forget someone is filling the tub. Besides, pipes can freeze in the middle of the night and burst before you wake up. In reality, it doesn't take much to flood your bathroom. When it happens, irrespective of the party to blame, finding a fast solution should be the next thing on your agenda.

Flooding can have severe consequences if left unattended. In this article, we will consider the possible reasons for a flooded bathroom. We will also consider why the best idea is to leave the flooded bathroom to experts like UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park.

Common Causes of Flood in the Bathroom

The following are some reasons why you could wake to an inches deep flood in your bathroom.

Drain and pipe clogs

Drains and pipes by design can only transport liquids. However, they can quickly become clogged when these pipes are loaded with other substances that they should not carry, like hair, paper, and excess tissue. When that happens, you will notice water starts to spill to the floor instead of flowing through the drain.


Bathroom flooding is also frequently caused by malfunctions in bathroom systems. Faults, including those affecting toilet floats, water heaters, etc., can cause water to fill and overflow continuously.


Flooding problems can also occur as a result of carelessness and negligence of the homeowner. For instance, if you leave the water running in a plugged sink or tub in your bathroom and fail to keep an eye on it, you will likely face a flood in the bathroom.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most serious causes of bathroom flooding. It usually occurs during the winter season when the water in the pipes freezes and expands, causing the pipe to burst. When the ice melts, the pressure release causes water to flow directly into the house.

What is Blackwater and Why Can't I Handle It Myself?

Generally speaking, water damage in the home falls under three categories; clean water, graywater, and blackwater, depending on the severity of the problem.

While you might be able to handle small leaks in your property in Floral Park, NY, severe water damage issues need professional attention. You will need to request water damage restoration professionals like UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park to handle such damages.

So, what are the types of water damage, and why can't you handle them yourself?

Clean water

Clean water damage, like the name, refers to flooding that deals with clean water. It involves water problems that typically arise from broken pipes, rainwater, and overflowing sink. Generally speaking, this kind of flood doesn't pose significant health risks if you attend to the problem within 48 hours.


Flood in this category usually come from equipment, and they contain chemical contaminants. An excellent example of a graywater flood in your bathroom can be water from your washing machine. Unlike clean water floods, graywater floods carry a moderate risk of contamination. As you leave graywater lying in your home, it starts to breed microbes that can be dangerous to your health and the health of your property.


The final category refers to water from sewers or water containing feces, urine, etc. Without a doubt, blackwater is rich in bacteria and other harmful pathogens. As a result, your chances of getting an infection from direct or indirect exposure to blackwater are high.


You might be able to handle clean water on your own without any risk, provided you act on time. However, handling graywater and blackwater on your own can cause serious health problems and lead to property damage. More so, blackwater often comes with offensive odors, and as such, you should leave the job to professionals like UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park.

What to do ASAP after a water flood in your bathroom?

Turn off the water supply

The first thing to do is to locate the source of the floodwater and turn it off. You can turn off the isolation valve closest to the site of the problem. If that does not work, you might have to turn the main water supply in your house off until you find and fix the issue.

Turn off electricity

Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. Besides from that, water can damage your electrical appliances. You risk being electrocuted if you have your bathroom outlets, appliances still on and in water. So, the next thing to do is turn off electricity completely from the flooded bathroom using your circuit breaker.

Call the water damage restoration team for cleanup and recovery!

Now that you have stopped the water and secured your safety, it is time to call our professional water damage restoration team to handle the cleanup and recovery for you.

How Soon Can You Get to My Home or Business?

We understand that every moment counts when it comes to bathroom floods in Floral Park. Therefore, we treat all requests as emergencies, and we will be in your house anywhere in Floral Park ASAP. We are a team of the best professionals based here in Floral Park. As locals, we understand the terrain, and we know the best routes to pass.

How Long Does Cleanup and Recovery Work Take?

There is no definite answer, as the length of a cleanup depends on several factors, including:

  • The areas affected
  • The severity of the flood
  • Type of water involved
  • Location, etc.

Consequences after flooded bathroom

Water flooding can result in various problems long after the water is gone. Depending on the flooring type you have, water can seep into your foundation, causing significant problems to your property. Also, molds commonly grow in areas where floods have just occurred. Unfortunately, you might not even spot the mold problems at the inception. By the time you notice and start to smell the molds, they must have done significant damage to your property. So it must be removed by mold remediation specialists ASAP. Some other problems that could happen:

  • Rotting of wood frames behind wet walls.
  • Bacterial contamination of wet materials.
  • Destruction of ceiling joints under the flooded bathroom.
  • Destruction of doors, shelves, and other wooden materials.

Why can you rely on us?

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • 100% quality assurance guarantee
  • We keep to time
  • Professional tools for the best results
  • Environment-friendly approach.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • The most experienced personnel in the industry
  • Our technicians are well trained and insured

Bathroom flood is a big problem that can happen to anyone. However, when it happens, you should leave the problem to the expert hands of professional cleaners. Doing so will help you reduce the risk of getting an infection or further damaging your property.

If you need to take care of a messy bathroom flood, don't hesitate to call at UCM Carpet Cleaning Floral Park. Over the years, we have earned and maintained a reputation as Floral Park's finest flood cleanup and mold remediation service. Don't wait till the problem gets out of hand, call us now at 516-519-3452.


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